Organization policy

Tehran hospital is covered by Iran medical science university in order to manage the health care services in the context of instructions validation and clinical governance in order to improve the quality of medical services, diagnostic and rehabilitation the following objectives:

 Continuous quality improvement of health services, diagnostic and hospital rehabilitation.

 Enhance the quantity of medical services, diagnostic and hospital rehabilitation.

 Implementation of accreditation standards.

        The establishment of seven clinical governance.

        Provide clients with increased access to appropriate health care.

Continuous improvements capabilities of directors, managers and employees and optimum use of available resources.

 Increased patient satisfaction.

Increasing the level of staff satisfaction.

Continuous upgrading of statistics and information system and monitoring and evaluation of all services.

Implement activities to maintain and directions consists of purifying the environment.

In order to achieve the above goals in the first meeting of the strategic management committee of hospital policies were determined as follows with the help of god and with the cooperation of all doctors and hospital personnel to the mission of providing therapeutic services, diagnostic and therapeutic rehabilitation to all patients with the best result and the highest satisfaction and enjoyment  and giving services with the benefit of senior colleagues and compassionate staff by providing timely and high Quality service with the respect to all those who all are paid.

I resolutely and strong character and based on precious   colleagues, managers, directors, doctors, nurses and other empowered employees, has provided the necessary resources to establish the quality management system in line with clinical governance and hospital accreditation and continually review the system and I implore all colleagues to understanding and full implementations of these two directives.

Dr. Kourosh SHamimi

Managing director of Tehran hospital

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