Prophecy, visions and values

Tehran professional and specialist hospital Mission is to provide health care, diagnostic , rehabilitation and best treatment to all patients So that provided the highest satisfaction and these important services  are possible with the benefit of senior colleagues and compassionate staff by providing timely and high Quality service with the respect to all those who all are paid.



Quantitative and qualitative upgrading of hospitals and patients to achieve complete satisfaction and creating a special place in Tehran and received excellent evaluation licenses and other international certificates.

The highest level of patient and staff satisfaction.

Pioneering the use of new diagnostic – treatment possibilities and the use of new technologies.


Respect for the dignity and rights of patients

Our patients give us their important asset which is health

So treat them with dignity.

Providing the same service to everyone:

All people of every class and nationality (Iranian and non-Iranians) are valuable for us, maintaining health, human rights and peace, it is our individual duty.

Interacting with patients:

 We believe in our patient are our main partner for improving our services and their views is the mirror that reflects our weaknesses and strengths.

Inter sectional cooperation:

Hospital has been established and we are here because we have a precious customer called patient and since our purpose is giving services to this precious customer,  with empathy and cooperation aware of the need for teamwork,We know ourselves as a chain ring for keeping the patient health right.

Commitment to provide new services and medical standards:

We believe that new ideas and timely and the use of updated information leads to provide better services So we are going to Use the valid guide lines, a prognostic-therapeutic and rehabilitation services based on the latest scientific advice provided to patients valid references.

Respect for patients' families:

We believe that patients ‘families are more painful than the patients so keeping them calm and relax are our duty.

Awareness of the needs of the community:

We interact with the Universities of Medical Sciences and Ministry of Health and Medical Education and aware of the community's needs and are ready to serve the all countrymen in cases of crisis.

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