Tehran hospital history

Tehran hospital opened by several professors of Tehran Medical School in 1345 in karimkhan zand blv ( current SHahid Hosseini) with departments of obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics and surgery, with a capacity of 60 beds  and was one of the first private hospitals at the time it was built.

          Some of well-known experts and professors who founded the medical community and the opening of this hospital are as follows.

           Dr. Hossein Parsa (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

            Dr. Nasser Moeinzadeh (professor of ear, nose and throat)

            Dr. Parviz Taleghani (Professor of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics)


          Dr. Abdullah alikhani (Master and anesthesiologist)

            Dr. Homayon Mehran (internist and cardiology)

          In time of war a complete section with all facilities, physicians and staff were assigned to give free service to our veterans of war and have worked day and night to treat and provide services to this group of patients.


          Over the years, gradually developing different specialties and reconstruction of the parts and purchased new systems, hospital was turned into a specialized 100-bed hospital


          With the construction of the new building and communicate with old buildings, many units have been transferred to the target building and due to the increased utilization space in hospital and para clinic the possibility of improving clinical services are provided to patients.


          If we want to have an overview on the performance of Tehran hospital, have said Tehran hospital with qualified caring doctors and nurses and also benefit from relying on the principle of Patient- Oriented able to be pioneer in providing services to patients.

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