Spine clinic

Tehran spine clinic as daily active is ready to serve of the date 3/1/95 to you loved ones.

Clinic services provide the backbone of all the problems of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) is as follows:

All types of surgery of the spine (closed, open, endoscope)

Disc surgery of cervical, thoracic and lumbar

Deviations of the spine (Scoliosis and kyphosis)

Infection of the spine

Tumors of the spine

Acute and chronic pain of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar)

Degenerative changes of the spine

Spine fracture and dislocation

Providing consulting and training services

Deviations and spinal screening waste

Tehran Surgery and Rehabilitation Center started to work from year 95 for the welfare of the patient's spine and in the presence of skilled workers i­­­­n this field.

The center receives patient cervical spine, thoracic, lumbar, both non-emergency and emergency wards.

Acceptance of non-emergency outpatient clinics scheduled at the clinic of the spine

Emergency admissions (fractures and severe cases) go straight through to the emergency room

Tehran center spine surgery and rehabilitation will hold for your loved ones training workshops for the prevention and treatment of spine by tutors at the auditorium of Tehran's Hospital.

To register, go to the training office or visit the hospital site.

Tehran spine surgery center services that can be offered to your loved ones include:

Open surgery involving spinal fractures, deformities of deviation (spine), pain, sciatica and neck, spinal tumors and infections.

Depending surgery, discs and chronic pain of the spine (cervical, thoracic reins)

Semi-invasive surgical spinal discs and lumbar stenosis

Non-invasive Cervical and lumbar spine surgery (including laser, Radio Frequency and ozone)

Group workshops for training (treatment, prevention and counseling)

Specialized physiotherapy spine

Address: Tehran hospital,shahid hosseini st.karimkhan blv

Phone: 88821021-5

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